"Chinedum provided a very clear explanation at the beginning of each Yoga Nidra session to inform me about what I would be asked to do and experience. I found that to be very helpful. I found Chinedum's voice and guidance very calm and clear throughout the session. The overall experience I found was very beneficial and put me in a very relaxing and meditative state of mind due to the wonderful energy and guidance of Chinedum." - Veronica 

" Ik heb geleerd om mijn visie te blijven volgen en intuïtie te vertrouwen, daarnaast nieuwe inzichten met name duidelijkheid/priors kunnen stellen. Chinedum is een warme, prettige en too the point coach." - Yigal


'' Having a Chinedum as a coach has been extremely helpful for my career and personal development. Her knowledge and experience gave me the proper support to continue pursuing my life goals. With the first session, you start having a different perspective of your objectives, finding new ways to tackle challenging situations and reach happiness in life.'' - Juan 


*Coaching & Therapy is also available in English